Geek T Shirt

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Not too long ago, geeks were looked upon as freaks because people overgeneralised them to be lacking in their social skills. But these days the tables have turned; geek culture has become the new cool especially after the booming popularity of comics and video games. Now geeks are admired for being intellectual individuals. This print includes Š—…a person wearing a TV headgear which broadcasts Š—“#geekŠ—�. IŠ—Èm simply pointing out the fact that we should accept ourselves for who we are and not be afraid to showcase our interests no matter what.

Product Description:

    • Fabric Colour: Black
    • Fit: Unisex, Regular
    • Breathable Print, Machine Wash
    • Round Neck, Half sleeves
    • Material: 100% Premium Cotton | 180GSM | Pre-Washed
    • T-Shirt Theme: Nerdy, Geeky

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    • Metros: 2-4 working days
    • Non-Metros: 4-7 working days

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    • Standard policy. Returns are accepted within 15 days

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