About Us

Who is Chris Cross?

“Chris Cross” is a brand and not a person. The brand is focused on creating hobby-centric products with an emphasis on design, quality, and most importantly, comfort. We feel that the brand and its products are an extension of the personality of our fans. Someone who loves what he/she does. Someone who appreciates old school and tradition with a twist of modern materials. Someone who cares for the planet earth.

For the sake of establishment, Chris Cross is a brand of BellOPages.com.

Live Your Hobby:

Having a hobby is finding joy. Whatever be the hobby, it has positive impact on our lives and people around us. Two strangers can become great friends if they have similar hobbies or inspire each other with their stories. With Chris Cross, we are trying to reconnect people and build communities. Our products are a starting point to beginning a conversation.

Why Chris Cross?

  • Design: The story behind every design/product is very personal. We are sharing our experiences and seeking to connect with people who have similar interests. We believe that we don’t sell products but evoke the good emotions in you.
  • Products: Personally, we test them over a period to check whether each product meets our quality standards. The emphasis is on good quality at an affordable price.
  • Service: We see it as a relationship. Customers are fans and so, we want to be as accessible and connected as possible.
  • Environment Friendly: We love Mother Earth and things beyond our planet. We care and do our best. That’s why our packaging material is eco friendly. We support small local businesses to ensure less transportation cost in manufacturing.