Mystery Of The Black Sardar And The Not-So-Sri Lankan Refugee.

This is the documented version of an identify theft of a community and/or a country. Some of my friends are aware of this crime and others were lucky. But it is important that I come clean.

There is always this one person in the group who is new and then he/she throws a question at me: “so, where are you from.” Depending upon the group (their mother-tongue) and/or the amount of adult beverages consumed, either the mysterious black Sardar story or that of the Sri Lankan refugee emerges.

The Sri Lankan Refugee version:

Back in the day, during the time of the war in Sri Lanka (between the Sri Lankan government and the LTTE), many Sri Lankan Tamils risked their lives to reach India as a refugees. These are people who didn’t want to be involved in either side of the war but wanted peace and lead a normal life. So, across the coast of Tamil Nadu (India), many refugees beached. And over a period of time, some moved into the mainstream life in India. And for our family to blend in, we changed the surname from Dhanasinghe to Dhanasingh. So, Duleep Dhanasinghe became Dilip Dhanasingh to blend in as a Tamil. Therefore, I’m from Sri Lanka.

The Black Sardar version:

Soon after former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s assassination, the Sikhs across the country were tormented or murdered. It was a difficult period. So, we moved from north to the south of India and I made a choice to go without a turban. Also, I picked up Tamil to blend in. Therefore, I am Dilip Dhanasingh.

With my friends nodding to my story, the newbie always believed in it. And most often sympathises with me until an over excited person bursts out laughing.

Note: This story is not intended to hurt any community or citizen of any particular country.

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