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Recently, we decided to buy my son a mobile phone. All his life, he had been receiving hand-downs from the family. Often, the models would be outdated and not 100% functional. Finally, the time has come to replace those devices. We were picking a new piece at the retail outlet, and when we were about to bill it, the retailer informed us about a superior pre-owned model. He was willing to offer a significant discount and warranty for the same. While my wife and I jumped on the opportunity, my son paused and told us: "let me own a new piece for once." We understood his sentiment and made it happen.
I've been riding two-wheelers for over three decades. And I realised that I had only bought pre-owned ones all my life. You will often find guys who go through midlife crises and pick up a motorcycle. After using it as a glorified bar stool, they get rid of it at a through away price. I've been lucky on more than one occasion.
So, finally, after 30+years, I bought myself a new motorcycle.

I picked my first motorcycle from the showroom! And it is a Hero Xpulse!!! And after riding my 1200GS, this is like a go-kart but a lot of fun!!!
If you aren't a sentimental guy, buying pre-owned motorcycles makes a lot of sense. Yes, you need to be lucky and patient.
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