Story Behind The Design: James Bond 007 T-Shirt

James Bond as the British Agent 007 is a man’s urban man - classy and elegant.  His travel companion has always been beautiful and, the choice of vehicles has turned iconic. He pretty much has lived every man’s dream. To match his aura for the movie Goldfinger, the stunt expert reached out to Aston Martin for their prototype car – DB5. Since he didn’t have a budget for the car, he agreed to return the car after the movie shooting. The movie became a global success and Aston Martin DB5 - The World’s Famous Car. Soon, it caught the imagination of car and movie enthusiasts.

DB5-007This classic British sports car has looks and most importantly, wonderful gadgets: an oil slick shooter, bulletproof shields, rocket launchers and many more. One of the coolest features was the passenger eject seat! And as a kid watching his movies (yes, my parents did close my eyes on Bond’s smooching), I was always super excited to see what his car would do. And recently, I picked myself a die-cast with all the gadgets. Hey, I can’t buy the real thing and so, let me now enjoy this toy!






Recently, the car made a guest appearance in the movie, Spectre. And the company decided to make 25 cars as part of the limited edition (unfortunately, they don’t have the gadgets). Such is the iconic status of the car.

So, when I wanted to create a vertical for petrol heads, I couldn’t go past this famous movie car and so, we to put this on the T-Shirt.


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