What We Learnt At Bigrock Dirtpark's Trail Attack 5

We participated in the 5th edition of Bigrock Dirtpark's Trail Attack. It was a beautifully curated event with riders from most part of south India. These are our observations which we would like to share them with you.

BMW GS R1200 Bigrock Dirtpark Trail Attack

1. Friendships were made.

  • We overheard a rider saying she rode alone to the event but made many new friends during her two days.
  • Riders and crew shared their tools, especially right before the scrutiny.
  • Many of them camped together or stayed in the same hotels. They shared laughter and food.
  • Our very own buddy gave us his GS1200 because we broke ours before the start of the race

2. It is a family event

  • We noticed riders who brought their family: spouse, parents or kids
  • It was a lovely sight to see a mother hold an umbrella for her kid while she had her second child on her hip
  • Fathers and their kids competed in their respective category


3. Focus on safety

  • Like every professional event, marshals were available at critical points.
  • Riders were briefed and encouraged to help fellow riders.
  • During scrutiny, a rider was asked to change her sneakers to boots. Luckily her friend had a boot to spare!

4. First Step For Amateurs

  • It was organised professionally and yet, with a large heart to mentor amateurs.
  • Organisers spent that extra few minutes explaining to riders when a rider broke the rule or didn't comply with the rules.
  • Rules were more guidelines than a tool for punishment. The emphasis was on the spirit and the values behind those rules.

5. Test of Skill

  • The course was designed to test all aspects of dirt riding - trails, flat track, adventure section and fast motocross section. Riders were able to introspect their strengths and weakness.
  • It was a safe environment to push one's limit.
  • A staggered start provided time and space for slower riders. It was less threatening to ride within a pack.

6. More manufacturers need to attack!

  • All manufacturers must send at least one staff to the dirt track with their motorcycle. Don't send athletes but your employees because it is fun.
  • You need to participate even if you design clothes like us for the motorcycling community.
  • It is a great place to interact with the community. And we met several members of the Chris Cross family!
  • Do business. Ride. Meet the community.

7. Live Your Hobby

  • Everyone has a day job, and this is their hobby.
  • Like good old club events worldwide, competitors rode their motorcycle to the venue, raced with it and rode it back.
  • It was a gathering of people with a similar hobby.
  • A weekend well spent!

We thank everyone behind the scenes for putting this event together. We also thank our fellow riders for sharing wonderful memories with us. Though some won the event, we believe that everyone walked away as a winner!

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