Story Behind The Design: Batmobile

Diecast Cars | Batmobile

Growing up in a small town and then, in a boarding school in Chennai, access to DC and Marvel comic books were limited. Our exposure to these comics was through a used-book store or a friend’s collection. Neither in the 80s nor 90s, we had seen the invasion of superhero movies.

As a kid, I was a big fan of Superman simply because he could fly, block bullets and had x-ray vision. Christopher Reeves was the only Superman and he was irreplaceable. Then, Batman surfaced, played by fellow actors. Big action and comic stars played super-villains and seemed more powerful and popular than Batman.

I watched those movies on rented VHS tapes, not for the characters or the stars but simply for the Batmobile. The one thing that the team behind the screen got right was, the Batmobile. Exclusive designs, better gadgets than James Bond’s car and the cherry on the cake, they were BLACK! So, if you are a car enthusiast and a Superman fan, you would still watch Batman movies just for his car.

Personally, I own a collection of his die-cast cars. This design is my tribute to three crazy Batmobiles and Tumbler. Also, I’ve included two different Batman logos because as kids, we had the Batman logo sticker on just about anything.

PS: Another Christopher (Nolan) came along and with his Batman trilogy, ended up creating a special interest in Batman.






Batmobile T-shirt
I’m not an artist, designer or a fashion icon. I believe that I’m a storyteller wandering across time zones and time period. I believe in “Explore. Share and Inspire” philosophy and this is my story behind the design. We hope that our designs are part of your story too.

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