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In a world of alcoholic beverages, beer is considered as the stepping-stone. Most of them find it bitter, but over time, acquire a taste for it. From there some, branch out to hard liquor while some continue to cherish a beer. It is also the most hassle free adult beverage because all you need is a cold beer: no mug, ice or anything else to mix it with.
To Beer or Not to Beer
There are diverse stories around beer and just maybe, I can write a series of beer stories alone, but as this is a ‘professional’ enterprise, I will stick to two funny incidents:
First incident is from a mini vacation with friends. On our way to the hotel, in a small town near Theni, we had stopped at a highway bar. The guys insisted on having a beer, I warn them that they might lose an eye drinking some battery acid (in the 1990's, beer was not regulated in Tamil Nadu) but being Bangalore-its, they assumed that they know their beer. They picked up Hayward 5000, strong and battery mixed, I chose a milder one. And within few minutes of having the beer, these guys had dozed off! Rather, it knocked them out!
Second incident is quite recent; when my friend and I rode for a dirt riding training with C.S. Santhosh and his team at The Big Rock Dirtpark.– The Big Rock Dirtpack
We rode hard on dirt and trail tracks from 5:00’ in the morning to around 6:00’ in the evening, with a hour and half break in between. And post the event, we rode around 20kms to our little rooms in a highway lodge. Dead exhausted, we had a quick shower, gulped a few beers and took to bed as the next morning, we had to leave for home. I’ll come to the chucklesome point now, we had asked the hotel staff to get us three large beers, but we were served three stronger ones. Honestly, I can’t drink more than two or three pints. I’m pretty bad, and these on top were – large + strong. But that night, I guess my dirt riding confidence boosted my illogical thinking that I can drink more that particular night. I gulped mine down. My friend mixed water and drank his. Yet, we were left with one. The last thing that I remember was pouring a little into my mug and then..., waking up to the snoring of my friend. It wasn’t my night and never has been.   
Many beer lovers and food lovers would agree with this statement: Beer and Biryani is the best combo that one could have on a Sunday afternoon. I can’t think of a better combination. What’s yours?
Cheers everyone!
PS: Drink Responsibly. Remember, you are the master of your drink. And take a cab home!


Friends, I’m not an artist, designer or a fashion icon. I believe that I’m a storyteller wandering across time zones and time period. I believe in “Explore. Share and Inspire” philosophy and this is my story behind the design. We hope that our designs are part of your story too.



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