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Black Sheep | Leadership
Every dictionary in the world defines ‘black sheep’ in a negative way. I certainly don’t think so. In a world where traditions and customs are constantly altered to suit the present, I believe that the ‘black sheep’ is actually the leader ahead of his/her time, trying to lay the foundation of a new path.

A ‘Black Sheep’ is mocked, bullied and tested but the so-called ‘white’ ones aren’t as white as they think, because the very act of picking on the odd one defines the small and fixed mind-set of the family/crowd. Leaders break traditions and they are always the odd one out.

Worldly successful parents define paths for their kids based on what their forefather told or what their vision for their child is. It’s unfortunate that they label the child as ‘black sheep’ when he/she tries to create a new path. Some of us are lucky that our parents were part of a larger herd of black sheep, which helped us to find out calling. And some aren’t as lucky as us. So, it’s time we stop trying to fit in with the wrong herd and start looking for more black sheep to hangout with. Life is more fun in a black herd or alone.

PS: As the herd becomes white, I keep moving towards the black.

Black Sheep T-shirt | Buy | Online | ChrisCross.inI’m not an artist, designer or a fashion icon. I believe that I’m a storyteller wandering across time zones and time period. I believe in “Explore. Share and Inspire” philosophy and this is my story behind the design. We hope that our designs are part of your story too. 

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