Riding the Line: A Journey of Bravery, Lessons, and Life on Two Wheels

"When my son entered kindergarten, his teacher urged me to play a bigger role in his life. My style of parenting? Teaching through life itself. So, from the tender age of 4, he rode alongside me, exploring roads in India, Europe, and the US. We've faced falls, weathered rain, snow, heat, altitude, bike hiccups, sickness, and more. I've taught him to ride, seen him stumble, and we've even hit 230 kmph on the Autobahn.
Stelvio Pass Motorcycle Trip

Motorcycling, 300 times riskier than cars, has been our exhilarating journey. We've been incredibly fortunate to survive it all.

Some are genuinely concerned, while others only spread negativity. Not long ago, a 13-year-old lost his life on the track. I initially intended to stay away, but I got drawn in when I saw so-called 'respectable' individuals criticising the kid and his dad. I've chosen not to elaborate, but it struck me that this well-traveled person (with extensive trips across India) had missed the true essence of his adventures. Traveling is about immersing oneself in local cultures, savouring food, and embracing the spirit of a place. Travel isn't just for Instagram posts.

Yes, motorcycling is a daring sport, and yes, people lose their lives on soccer fields and in gyms. Tragedies happen in unexpected places, and every life holds equal value. The anguish of a parent burying a child is an agony we should all empathise with.

To my fellow adventurous dads: Hear me out – there's a fine line between bravery and recklessness. We've straddled that line, challenging it at times. The result? The world decides.

Today, I'm grateful for every experience. God's plans remain a mystery, beyond our grasp. May strength fill the hearts of grieving families, and may wisdom guide the thoughtless ones. Time will eventually unveil whether I stand as a brave soul or a fool."

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