Be Soft On My Curves

Travel Diary

As we were riding around Ladakh, we noticed these funny lines. The objective of these boards is to drive home road safety message. But on a long tiring day, these boards add a little sunshine.

  • Be soft on my curves 
  • Be gentle on my curves 
  • I am curvaceous, be gentle on me  
  • Darling, I like you but not so fast 
  • Leave sooner, drive slower, live longer 
  • If you sleep, your family will weep 
  • It's not rally, enjoy the valley
  • Live for your today, drive for your tomorrow
  • That is not a rally, enjoy the valley
  • Life is short, don't make it shorter 
  • Someone is waiting for you at home, drive carefully
  •  Lower your gear, the curve is near 
  •  Time is money but life is precious 
  •  All will wait, better be late 
  •  Slow drive long life 
  •  Good driver is seldom hurt 
  •  Speed and safety never meet 
  •  Road and home are comfort zones, keep them clean 
  •  Life is a limited company with unlimited dreams 
  •  If you are married, then divorce speed 
  •  Think before you pollute 
  •  I brake for tailgaters 
  •  East or west safe driving is the best 
  •  This is highway, not runway - drive slow 
  •  Drive slower, live longer 
  •  Check your nerves on my curves
  •  Don't hurry on my curves 
  •  Alert today, alive tomorrow 
  •  Good driver is seldom hurt 
  •  Safety on the road, safe tea at home. Drive carefully/slowly 
  •  Safety is the light, let it shine 
  •  BRO men cut the hills but join the hearts 
  •  Some call it an adventure of a lifetime. We call it daily routine - Indian Army
  •  Do not anger the mountain Gods with your mess 
  •  Drive don't fly 
  •  Speed is a knife that cuts life 
  • Fast won't last 
  • No hurry no worry 
  • After whisky driving risky 
  •  Accidents hurt safety doesn't 
  •  Life is short, don't make it shorter
  •  Drive slow to avoid grave below 
  •  Three enemies of road, liquor speed and overload 
  •  Hurry makes worry 
  •  Shortcuts may cut short your life 
  •  Life is a journey, complete it 
  •  Enjoy it but not while on the wheel 
  •  Do not gossip, let him drive 
  •  Only the best of friends and worst of foes will visit us - Julley, Indian Army, Leh.

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